The Top 10 Foods You Need to Try If You Pass By a Buc-ee’s

The famous larger-than-life country store, gas station and roadstop is a destination in and of itself.

December 22, 2023

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Bucee's

Photo courtesy of Bucee's

For roadtrippers traveling through the South, stopping at a Buc-ee’s road stop is almost as exciting as reaching the destination itself. The wildly popular country store chain, known for its bounty of beaver-clad billboards that tease passersby of clean restrooms and road trip snacks, started with just a single outpost in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1982. It has since grown to 47 stores around the country, with 34 in Texas alone, and 13 peppered around states including Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Missouri.

Aside from serving as a convenient stop for fuel and amenities, visitors can’t get enough of its bountiful shoppers’ mart with a wide array of road trip essentials like clothes and novelty items, decorative housewares, salty snacks, hot and fresh comfort eats, and aisle after aisle of candy. With news of Buc-ee’s expanding its footprint to Colorado and Virginia in the coming year, more and more roadtrippers are getting the chance to experience the quirky gas station in all its glory. But perusing the store’s vast collection of products and choosing which snacks to indulge in can be daunting to say the least. Consider this list of the top 10 must-try Buc-ee’s eats.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Buc-ee's

Photo courtesy of Buc-ee's

Meat and Cheese: Buc-ee’s is a snacker’s paradise, and few things satisfy between a day’s meals like a helping of meat and cheese. Buc-ee’s conveniently offers the pair packaged in various different combinations, and ready to grab-and-go in trays and smaller portions in plastic cups with dome toppers.

Coffee: Artisan coffee shops are few and far between on long stretches of highway, so it’s comforting to know that Buc-ee’s serves up a solid cup of joe when you need a little pick-me-up. Gas station coffee often gets a bad rap, but Buc-ee’s large self-serve java station is clean and very well-stocked. Visitors are welcome to help themselves to hot coffee, prepared from fresh ground beans multiple times throughout the day, in a variety of sizes. Ice dispensers and cold coffee are available to craft your own iced coffee, and as a bonus, there are lots of options for add-ins, like flavored creamers and sweeteners, to customize your cup.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Buc-ee's

Photo courtesy of Buc-ee's

Pastries: Few things pair better with a Buc-ee’s coffee than one of the store’s many freshly baked pastries. Cases upon cases display oversized muffins, scones and cookies in a multitude of flavors. Cinnamon rolls are a house favorite, but if you’re taking one on-the-go, be prepared to share – the intoxicating aroma of cinnamon and sugar within an enclosed automobile make them impossible to resist.

Buc-ee’s Private-Label Chips: In true convenient store fashion, Buc-ee’s has a full line up of chips, like Doritos, Hot Cheetos and more, but it’s also got a superior collection of its own private label. Stick to original potato, or sample kettle corn varieties in flavors like sour cream and onion, dill pickle and Cajun boil.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Bucee's

Photo courtesy of Bucee's

Beef Jerky: A beef jerky wall may sound like a funky roadside attraction, but it is in fact an impressive wall of countless beef jerky varieties found inside Buc-ee’s stores. Beyond traditional beef and turkey jerky, visitors can stock up on flavors like lemon pepper, teriyaki, Korean BBQ and cherry maple. For the adventurous snacker, flavors like ghost pepper and Bohemian recipe garlic offer a wildly different take on the original.

Buc-ee’s Private-Label Candies: Like its private label chips, Buc-ee’s touts an impressive collection of its own private label candies. There is no shortage of options – from jellies and gummies to taffy and sours. Tagged with the token beaver logo, sacks of Buc-ee’s private label candies double as tasty souvenirs.

Kolaches: Sweet and savory kolaches are a staple among roadside stops and bakeries in the Texas Hill Country, so it’s no surprise Buc-ee’s offers an impressive supply in its stores. The pillowy soft Czech pastries are neatly lined up in glass cases, with sweet variations, like cherry, strawberry-cream cheese and blueberry, enticing visitors with their large round shape and colorful fillings. Alternatively, the meat-filled kolaches boast a cylindrical shape and reveal hearty fillings like ham and cheese, or jalapeno, sausage and cheese upon first bite.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Bucee's

Photo courtesy of Bucee's

Fudge: When a craving for something sweet hits, there are plenty of sugary treats to consider at Buc-ee’s, but few measure up to the store’s homemade fudge. At the store’s dedicated fudge counter, multiple large slabs of fudge are visible behind glass. Choose from more than 20 inventive varieties, like birthday cake, banana pudding, key lime pie and salted caramel. It’s a tough decision to say the least, but thankfully, Buc-ee’s offers a fudge variety box for you to customize as you please.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Bucee's

Photo courtesy of Bucee's

BBQ Sandwich: Buc-ee’s BBQ sandwich is a tasty alternative to a lackluster drive-thru meal, and it’s just as convenient to get your hands on. Wrapped and ready to grab on-the-go inside the store, Buc-ee’s BBQ sandwiches are available with chopped or sliced brisket, and simply built on a fluffy bun lathered with barbecue sauce.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Bucee's

Photo courtesy of Bucee's

Beaver Nuggets: No need to be alarmed by its moniker – no beavers were harmed in the making of this snack. Beaver nuggets are actually bite-size corn puffs, sweetened with brown sugar caramel, that pack in sweet and savory goodness all in one. They have long been synonymous with Buc-ee’s and are among the most popular of the plethora of pre-packaged snacks. Airy, with a satisfying crunch, a bag of beaver nuggets serves as the quintessential comfort snack for traveling miles of open road.

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