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Halloween Music

Halloween Party MusicPlaying some spooky music is a good way to get your party guests in the Halloween mood.  You could have a CD running in the background or you could crank up the sound and get everyone dancing!

Halloween party CDs with a collection of songs by various artists are cheap to buy and you can listen to them every Halloween.  They usually feature pop hits commonly associated with Halloween, ghosts or ghouls, such as Ghostbusters, Thriller and The Time Warp, plus many others.  Of course, you could download your favourites online and make your own unique compilation.

Another idea is to play creepy soundtracks from scary horror movies such as The Exorcist and The Omen.

For kids parties, CDs and MP3s are available with songs especially written for younger children, which you could use for musical games such as Musical Statues or Dead Lions (you could rename this Dead Witches or something similar).

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