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Halloween Games

Apple-bopping by Tammra McCauley

A Halloween party is a great excuse for adults and kids to let their hair down and play some games.  Playing games is a fun way to break the ice if some of your guests don’t know each other and is essential at a kids party to keep them entertained.

What sort of activities you plan for your party entertainment depends a lot on the age of your guests.  There are many games that are fun for all the family, such as the traditional favourite, apple-bobbing.  Children, teens and adults alike enjoy the silliness of games like passing an orange under your chin.  Many traditional party games, such as pin the tail on the donkey, can be adapted for Halloween – you could stick the hat on the witch instead!

For younger children and preschoolers, printable Halloween games can be found online, which can be educational as well as fun.  Another idea is a pumpkin-painting competition, if you don’t mind clearing up the mess afterwards!

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