Forecasting Unpredictable Flavors in Flavortown

Wrap up July with the refreshing twists of this week’s Guy’s Grocery Games.

By: Sofia Bazant

Guy Fieri is officially kicking off the beginning of prank season. After a month of scorching temperatures, sunny skies, and heavy rains, it is only fitting for Flavortown to join in on the unpredictable twists of Mother Nature. All-Star Double Whammy invites three all-star judges and Guy’s eldest son, Hunter, to select the most unappetizing whammy ingredients Flavortown has to offer for a challenging appetizer and entrée round.

A sudden change in the Flavortown winds reveals that the judges will be the competitors cooking with their own chosen whammy ingredients…so will they still be able to blow away the competition with their culinary expertise? The tables have turned and it doesn’t stop with a simple chef swap. Guy is taking a seat at the judges' table and Hunter is competing amongst the master chefs.

Check out the exclusive photo above of Guy preparing to unveil the many pranks he has in store. Tune in to see which chef will take Flavortown by storm with a strikingly delicious dish.

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