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Halloween Food and Drink

Vampire's Kiss CocktailThe food and drink is an essential part of any Halloween party.  You need to ensure your guests have enough to eat, but you can also have a lot of fun serving disgusting-looking or specially-decorated dishes.  Adults will appreciate the thought that you put into this and kids will love to see food that looks like eyeballs or witches fingers!

Unless you are having a sit-down dinner party, it’s likely adult guests will arrive at different times, so an easy option is to serve a selection of finger foods and snacks, both savoury and sweet.  That way people can help themselves and you can keep things nice and informal.  Kids will enjoy piling their plates with all kinds of nibbles too, so this idea works for parties for all ages.

There are many recipes for quick and easy party food, including cupcakes that also make good treats for any visiting trick or treaters.  With a bit of creativity in the kitchen, it’s possible to turn regular ingredients into scary and gory foods.

A popular idea for Halloween party drinks is to make up a punch, so guests can help themselves.  You could call it something like “witches brew”.  To fit in with the haunted house theme, you could serve it from a cauldron or an inflatable pumpkin bowl designed for that purpose.  Obviously, at a childrens party you would serve a non-alcoholic fruit punch, but it is also a good idea to offer a fruit punch as well as an alcoholic one at an adult party (just make sure people know which is which!).

At an adult party you could have cocktails and have fun inventing Halloween themed names for them, such as Dragon’s Blood or Slime Surprise.

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