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Suffering from food dilemmas? Food 911 to the rescue. From fallen souffles to overcooked chicken, Tyler Florence can help anyone get out of a sticky situation.

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Grilled Polenta


Quick Spicy Kimchee

Lemon-Mint Vodka Spiked Watermelon

Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob

Chicken Wings in Garlic Sauce

New England Fish Chowd'a

Seared Turkey Breast with Roasted Root Vegetables and Chardonnay Gravy

Roasted Corn with Parmesan and Cayenne

Fennel and Oranges Steamed in Foil

Beef Goulash

Chocolate Cherry Bombe

Ravioli Dough

Clam Bake on the Beach

Roasted Almonds in Chile Oil

Minestrone with Crisp Parmesan Crumbs

Chicken Veloute with Pearl Onions and Peas

Roasted Pork Shoulder (Pernil Al Horno)

Grilled Lamb Chops and Spicy Lobster with Garden Puree

Baked Baguettes

Spicy Pickled Cucumbers

Tyler's Texas Chili

Tender and Tasty Pie Pastry

Pigeon Pea Rice (Arroz de Gandules)

Beef Stroganoff over Buttered Noodles