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Halloween Decorations

Halloween Dinner Place SettingYou can have loads of fun and be really creative with your Halloween party decorations.  There are all sorts of clever and original ideas that will frighten your guests!  You can place scary objects pretty much anywhere around your home, with decorations designed for walls, floors, ceilings and doors.  There are also larger props that you could use outside in the yard, such as tombstones and glow in the dark skeletons.

Inflatable decorations are popular, such as cauldrons or pumpkins, which can be used for punch, and props such as devil’s tridents, hanging spiders or bats.  A bonus of these is that they once deflated they don’t take up much space and can be stored for next year’s Halloween party!

Decorations that you can hang from your ceiling, such as ghosts or witches, along with cobweb material and dripping blood borders for your walls, can really add to the spooky feeling.  Don’t forget smaller details, such as 3D skulls you can stick on mirrors.  These all add to the haunted house theme.

If your budget allows, try to include a few animated decorations and props, as these can be really scary and are sure to amuse your guests.  For instance, you could buy a hanging skull complete with eyes that light up and creepy sound effects.

The food and drink will be a focal point of your party, so don’t forget your tableware.  Halloween themed napkins, plates and cups are fun for both adult and kids parties.  Look out for things like gravestone shaped serving platters and a spooky table cloth.  You can also get gory table decorations such as gothic candlesticks and plastic severed hands.

Halloween decorations are relatively cheap to buy – or you could make your own homemade ones if you prefer, or if you’ve left it to the last minute!

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