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Funny Halloween Costumes

Anyone can go to a department store and buy a fancy dress costume, but no store-bought outfit packs quite the punch of a unique and interesting homemade Halloween costume. Nowadays with the economical situation of most families, any where to save a dollar is welcomed, and with pricey Halloween costumes this is no exception. Plain clothes and normal outfits can be transformed into unusual works of art with zany themes and crazy ideas. And as the holiday is no longer only reserved for children, men and women are joining the fun and dressing up in joke outfits for Halloween parties. So what are some fun ideas that can transform into Halloween costumes for adults and kids?

Caught in a tornado

Add craft wire to clothes and accessories so they appear to be blown in the wind; add leaves and other items attached by the wire to the clothing to make it more interesting.

#1 Ceiling Fan

For newborn babies who are too young to wear bulky costumes, take a white onesie or t-shirt and a black marker and write “#1 ceiling fan” on the front to make a hilarious and sporty last minute outfit for a baby boy or girl.

Kissing Booth

Take a large empty cardboard box and cut a hole for the person to slide the box over them. Attach a couple of straps to the front and back, like suspenders, for the box to rest on the shoulders. Write “Kissing Booth $1” on the front. Have the person wear red lipstick and pucker up! This would be great for someone who is pregnant as the box will sit comfortably on their expanded belly while concealing it at the same time.

American Gothic

For couples, this is an artistic representation that is easy and quick. All that is required is a pitch fork, rake or some other garden tool; a pair of glasses; a pair of overalls and a dark coat for the gentleman; and a dark apron for the missus — all of which could easily be adapted or you could borrow from a neighbor or friend if you are missing an item or two. A cult classic, this typical working couples’ costume will make quite the prize winning pair at any party.

Lady Gaga

Young women will go gaga for this one! Wear a one piece bathing suit, any color fishnet stockings, a brightly colored wig, a man’s suit jacket and some heels, and you are set for the evening. Get ready for the paparazzi to take pictures galore as this Halloween costume will definitely attract attention.

Halloween is considered to be the funnest holiday of the year, filled with funky costumes that show off personality and the inner child in everyone. By choosing to wear a one of a kind outfit for this holiday you are displaying ingenuity and real character. Everyone will love to see what you are wearing and will have a laugh once they see the artistic edge of your funny Halloween costume – and you may even win a prize for the best or most original idea.

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